Base & Piping


Every system includes a custom designed structural steel base which supports all of the package mounted equipment including pumps, piping, hydronics, heat exchangers, chillers, boilers, electrical, controls and enclosure as applicable.  All structural steel shall be supplied per the appropriate ASTM specification.  Optionally, tread plate can be provided on the base surface to eliminate the need to field grout the base and to create a safe working area. Canariis structural welders are certified to AWS D1.1


Open Frame Base

Base with Painted Steel Treadplate

Base with Aluminum Treadplate



If required, the system can be provided with vibration isolation.  Typically the entire system is isolated from the structure, instead of each pump individually.  The packaged pumping system base is provided with brackets for the quantity and size of isolators that are required and can be supplied with integral re-bar for field grouting of the base. The system base can then be filled with grout and raised up on the supplied spring isolators to create one inertia base for the entire package.  Alternatively a treadplate can be supplied so the pumps can be isolated on a sub-base.  Vibration isolation springs are available with seismic restraints when required.



Package Inertia Base


Pumps on Isolated Sub-bases



The system piping shall be supplied according to the following standards: ASTM A-53 Grade B ERW or ASTM A-106 Grade B Seamless depending upon specification.  The flanges shall be threaded, slip-on or weld neck as required per ASTM A-234 WPB.  The elbows, tees and reducers shall be ASTM A-105. All Canariis pipe welders are certified to ASME Section IX.