Packaged System Advantages

Packaged pumping systems are manufactured in a controlled environment and in a factory that is well equipped with the proper tools and equipment.  Traditionally, pumping systems have been manufactured at the jobsite by contractors of various trades. These various trades must be well coordinated in order to produce a quality finished product.  The working conditions of a construction site are often less-than-ideal and can hinder the contractor’s ability to perform their best work.  With the packaged pumping system, all of the various trades are brought together under one roof and are coordinated under a common management.  The manufacturing techniques that are used by these packaged pumping system “specialists” combined with a high level of quality control provide a superior finished product.        

Packaged system manufacturers build the pumping system ahead of schedule and completely test the assembly at the factory before shipment to the jobsite.  This cannot be done with field-assembled systems until after the installation is completed.  Problems that are detected during the late stages of construction can cause delays in the project completion and cause major headaches for the contractor and the engineer.  With the packaged pumping system, the pump and system performance can be verified and the control system can be adjusted for maximum performance prior to shipment.  The test can be witnessed by the engineer, owner and/or contractor to assure proper system operation prior to shipment.

An important consideration when designing an HVAC system is the overall efficiency of the system.  Proper selection and sizing of the pumps, valves and piping will greatly affect the system efficiency.  By controlling the pumps with advanced control schemes and variable speed technology the overall system efficiency can be maximized.  Packaged pumping system manufacturers are uniquely qualified to analyze the overall system design and make recommendations to the design engineer.      

A field-erected pumping system requires the involvement of various vendors for the pumps, valves, VFD’s, controls, etc… with various trades such as pipe fitters, electricians and controls contractors.  When a problem with the system arises, it may be difficult to determine who is at fault and who is responsible for correcting the problem.  Packaged pumping system manufacturers combine all of these trades under one roof to assure proper manufacturing and design.  If a problem should ever arise with the system, there is only one call to make.  
Packaged pumping systems are manufactured in factories that are designed for that purpose by tradesman that are specialized in that field and who are working together as a team.  This team effort results in a very cost-effective and efficiently manufactured product that can be purchased by the owner for less money than it would cost to manufacture in the field.  The system is designed to take up less mechanical room floor space without sacrificing serviceability.  The installing contractor only needs to set the unit in place, make the piping connections to the system and provide electrical power to the power distribution panel.  The system has already been completely tested prior to shipment so the start-up and commissioning tasks are greatly reduced compared to a field-assembled system.