System Electrical


Most packaged systems are supplied with a power distribution enclosure with a single point power connection.  When a power distribution enclosure is specified, the pumping package will be supplied with one main incoming power terminal block.  Each pump will have a separate disconnect switch in the power distribution enclosure for isolation during servicing.  The wiring shall be completed from the power distribution enclosure to the variable frequency drives/starters and then to the motors.  The control power shall also be factory wired from the power distribution box to the control panel.  A major advantage of a packaged system is that all of the wiring from the main power terminal to the controls, VFD’s and to the motors is completed and tested at the factory.  This significantly reduces the field-wiring that is required and reduces the installation cost.

Canariis Corporation recommends that the variable frequency drives on the packaged pumping system match the other VFD’s in the building.  The VFD’s can be supplied with or without manual bypass starters, line reactors, filtering devices and additional options to meet your variable frequency drive specification.  A Total Harmonic Distortion analysis can also be provided when requested.

On constant-speed systems each pump is supplied with a FVNR combination starter in an enclosure.  Each enclosure includes a disconnecting means with fused or circuit breaker protection.  The starter can be IEC or NEMA rated depending upon the specification.


All wiring on the packaged pumping system is completed and tested at the factory.  All wiring is enclosed in EMT or Flex conduit where applicable.  Any conduit that is run through the system base, which will be covered with concrete, shall be rigid conduit.  Equipment that is mounted in the field will require field wiring back to the packaged pumping system terminal strip.